Birthday Party Events

In all of our birthday party events we offer:

Live Paint birthday party themes:

Cindy was quoted in a recent newspaper article on the process she uses with children's art projects:

"There is no right or wrong. It's open ended and process oriented"
"I'll put the supplies out for them to make a crown, but if they decide to turn it into something else, that's fantastic."

Not seeing the theme you're interested in?
All Live Paint birthday parties can be customized to fit your theme!

Our birthday party events start at $150
Party favors available for at an extra cost.

For information and to book an event please contact Cindy Arnold at the Live Paint LLC office: 1314 MLK Way, Tacoma WA
Phone: 253-756-2169 (Business Office) 206-732-0224 (Cell & Live Paint Studio)
Email: | Connect with us on Facebook atLive Paint