Live Paint LLC September 2011-June 2012 Event Themes

September and October - Little Rainbow and the Rusty, Dusty Bucket TM
This is a story about a rainbow that gets stuck in a bucket and isn’t able to do what rainbows do, light up the sky! Children will have a ball as they help perform this Live Paint original play. During our performance we touch on the importance of helping one another and knowing that you are unique. A great way to start a new school year!

November and December - A Fire for a Winters Eve
In the dark shadows of winter humans gather around a crackling fire to share stories and celebrate the season. During November and December Live Paint invites children to circle around our fire as snowflakes fall and we share stories of adventures deep in the winters snow. Students will create art projects based on our wintry theme that are perfect to give as a gift to someone they love. Classrooms will also be invited to create cards that will be given to residents in an adult living facility.

January and February - The Red Thread: A Chinese Tale of Connection and Celebration
There is an ancient Chinese belief that every child is born with a red thread that attaches the child to everyone of importance they will meet in life. We will explore this theme and aspects of New Year celebrations from around the world through creative movement, story and art. Students will create a paper lantern to take home and we will finish our New Years celebration with pretend firecrackers!

March, April and May - Tales of the Library Dragon TM
In this original Live Paint story we meet a Dragon that doesn’t want to live in a cave, he wants to live in a library and learn to read! This is where our adventures begin! Our Dragon Tale is a wonderful opportunity to focus on the importance of believing in yourself, sharing in friendship and of course reading! Using various art supplies (and their imaginations) students will create an art-book craft to take home.

Live paint LLC classroom event prices start at $150.00 for up to 20 students. We offer discounts for multiple bookings and monthly usage. Our events run from 45 minutes to one hour. Not seeing the exact event theme you are interested in on our event list? Live Paint events can be adapted to fit your theme!

(A portion of our Live Paint proceeds provide events for schools that would normally not be able to afford our services)

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